The Truth About Fluoride

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is an element found in nature, usually in the air, plants, soil, water, and in many foods as a result of processing. It has been commonly used in many dental practices to supposedly strengthen the outer layer of your teeth, thus preventing cavities. For this reason, it has been added to our drinking water and many kinds of toothpaste. If you’ve ever visited a dentist, you have most likely been offered fluoride in the form of foam in dental trays.

Although fluoride for years has been acknowledged as a cavity preventative measure by the health authorities, you’ll find many holistic dentists disagree with this. When researchers analyzed studies around fluoride, it was found that there was no substantial decrease in cavity reduction from regular brushing and flossing. In fact, most western, industrialized countries have rejected water fluoridation, but have nevertheless experienced the same decline in childhood dental decay as fluoridated countries. In addition, a study in Calgary showed that the halting of fluoride use did not affect the decay rate of teeth, thus contradicting the fact that fluoride has been beneficial for teeth. The study concluded

“When this third data set is considered, the rate of increase of decay in Calgary is found to be the same before and after cessation of fluoridation, thus contradicting the main conclusion of the paper that cessation was associated with an adverse effect on oral health.”


The Bare Bones About Fluoride

Fluoride is a highly toxic substance. Excessive fluoride exposure has been linked to many health issues. Over time, fluoride accumulates in the body, largely in calcifying tissues such as the bones and can lead to skeletal fluorosis, making bones brittle and weak. When high doses of fluoride (average 26 mg per day) were used in trials to treat patients with osteoporosis in an effort to harden their bones and reduce fracture rates, it actually led to a higher number of fractures, particularly hip fractures. It has been observed that skeletal fluorosis can also have symptoms that closely relate to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a disease marked by progressively debilitating stiffness and pain in the joints. The stiffness and pain result from degeneration in the joint cartilage, degeneration in the bone tissue underlying the joints, and bony overgrowth.

Many other health issues linked to fluoride are:
• Arthritis
• Kidney disease
• Brain effects (lower IQ)
• Hypothyroidism
• Cancer (osteosarcoma)
• Male infertility

Due to surmounting evidence against the use of fluoride and the many health concerns it poses, Health First Dental does not use fluoride in preventative maintenance. Our philosophy in our office is that your health comes first, and we will never put something poisonous in your mouth no matter what the potential benefit might be. So call us today to book a routine dental check-up.


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