What Is A Cavitation?

Just as a cavity is a hole in the tooth, a cavitation is a hole in the bone. Cavitations are areas of dead bone that harbor low-grade bacterial infection. Most cavitations never cause pain and routinely go undetected. However, some cavitations can produce trigeminal pain, headaches, and facial pain. These cavitations are termed NICO (neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis).

Recent research shows that cavitation tissue samples contain toxins, which are most likely metabolic waste products of anaerobic bacteria (bacteria which don’t live in oxygen). These toxins have been shown to significantly inhibit one or more of the five basic body enzyme systems necessary in the production of energy. These toxins also account for the localized destruction of blood supply, causing necrosis of the surrounding jawbone. There is concern that these toxins contribute to other systemic diseases by spreading to other parts of the body.

What is a cavitation?This is a photo of the lower jawbone, which has been cut in half. The porous white area is healthy bone, and the brown area is dead bone characteristic of a cavitation.

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