Using Microscopes to Detect Gum Disease

Microscopic Gum Disease EvaluationIn the last decade, there’s been a huge paradigm shift in the treatment of periodontal disease. Traditional theories suggested that build up called tarter or calculus was the cause of periodontal disease and simply cleaning this off the tooth surface would prevent disease. It is clear now that bacterial infections trigger destructive immunological reactions, which result in loss of gum attachment and bone around the teeth.

It is important to note that not all bacteria in the mouth are damaging. Bacterial species known as treponemes or spirochetes are the principle offenders in the development of periodontal disease. With the aid of video microscopy, we are able to identify the bacteria in the mouth and assess the risk level for periodontal disease. This valuable diagnostic tool also enables us to evaluate the success of our treatment and the efficacy of your home care.

We are excited to bring this treatment to you and look forward to seeing its benefits to your oral health as well as your general health.

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