What Are the Dangers of Root Canals?

The present controversy of whether or not root canal treatment is safe lies in the fact that some bacteria may remain in the tooth after root canal treatment is performed. These residual bacteria and their toxins may cause local damage to the surrounding bone of the tooth, or they may enter the bloodstream and cause damage to other parts of the body.

Medical dictionaries define a bacterial infection that starts in a specific part of the body and travels to another part of the body as a focal infection. Patients with certain heart conditions, artificial joints (i.e. hip and knee replacements), and compromised immune systems are familiar with the dangers of focal infection because they are required to take antibiotics before having simple dental procedures like teeth cleaning.

For more information see The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology article Strategies for Biocompatible Endodontics


More About Root Canal Therapy

Disclaimer: Most dentists are not of the view that root canals are harmful to your health.