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What To Expect on Your First Visit

Health First Dental is dedicated to your health and adheres to the
highest standards of oral care. We place particular emphasis on your
first visit.

Your initial visit will take about 1½ hours and includes a
comprehensive examination by Dr. Freiberg and a professional cleaning
from one of our hygienists. Your first visit will include:

  1. A health history including dental and medical events
  2. Complete extra-oral examination of the head and neck
  3. Functional evaluation of the TMJ (jaw joints)
  4. Complete intra-oral examination
  5. Soft tissue examination
  6. Periodontal examination to detect gum disease and bone loss
  7. Microscopic evaluation of your oral bacterial to determine your risk for gum disease
  8. Oral cancer examination as recommended by the Canadian Cancer Society
  9. A record of the present condition of each tooth (i.e. presence of decay, fillings, crowns, cracks, etc.)
  10. Necessary digital radiographs (x-rays) to show the tooth and
    bone beneath the gums and soft tissues that cannot be visibly examined
    by the eye
  11. Digital photographs

This information will be used by Dr. Freiberg to create a prioritized
treatment plan specifically suited to your individual needs. Dr.
Freiberg will review these records with you personally and privately.
He will also clarify any concerns or questions you may have regarding
your oral health and recommended treatment.

Financial estimates will be reviewed with our office manager, and
once you have made a decision regarding treatment, appointments will be

Current medical and dental research has shown that the condition of
your mouth has a direct effect on your general health. We look forward
to sharing our health-centered approach to dentistry with you.

Health History Form

Fill out or download this health history form to print and fill out at your convenience.