Uneven Gums

Low level lasers can be used at higher settings to remove soft tissue. So much emphasis is placed on having straight teeth that the contours and amount of gum tissue are often overlooked when evaluating a smile. Low level lasers are able to sculpt and recontour uneven, excessive gum tissue that can detract from a beautiful smile.

Laser recontouring requires the use of topical and sometimes local anesthetic. The procedure takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how many teeth are involved, and there is virtually no post-operative discomfort. The biostimulatory effect of the low level laser also causes rapid healing.

The “Before” and “After” pictures below demonstrate the potential improvements laser tissue recontouring can have on a smile.


This photo shows excessive gum tissue, making the teeth appear short.

Gums Before Laser Treatment


Laser recontouring removes the excessive gum tissue, making more of the teeth visible.

Gums after laser treatment







Gums before laser treatment.






With the addition of porcelain crowns, laser recontouring can drastically improve a smile.

Gums after laser treatment with crowns


Please note that not everyone is a candidate for laser gum recontouring and results can differ on an individual basis. These photos are only intended to explain the procedure.