Preventative Dental Care

Maintaining health is more important than treating disease. Our society has been programmed do believe in a concept of “false health”. We assume if it doesn’t hurt, everything must be OK. Unfortunately once symptoms are manifest, significant and often irreversible damage has been done. This is particularly true for the oral nvironment.

At Health First Dental, our patients are on a regular preventative dental maintenance program. This program provides early detection, thus shifting our focus from disease treatment to prevention. Visits with the hygienist are scheduled at least every 6 months. Our program is designed to help prevent new cavities, preserve teeth that have been restored, and manage periodontal disease. The health of the oral tissues, teeth, and dental restorations are evaluated at each appointment. Teeth and gums are professionally cleaned and recommendations are given for areas that need improvement. Occasionally dental restorations will need to be replace as they wear out and breakdown in the harsh oral environment.

We look forward to being partners with you in your quest for health.