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The Impact of FLUORIDE on the Developing Brain

Over the past 75 years, health authorities have promoted community water fluoridation to reduce dental caries. Until recently, however, no studies had examined the safety of fluoride in vulnerable populations, like pregnant women and infants. This video describes the history of water fluoridation.

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What is Biological Dentistry?

Biological dentistry typically refers to dental practices that utilize mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry while also considering the impact of dental conditions, devices, and treatments on oral and systemic health, including the biocompatibility of dental materials and techniques.

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How Mercury Causes Brain Damage

Amazing video illustrating with actual images of brain fibers being destroyed by mercury (the 2nd most toxic substance in our planet...

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The dramatic video titled Smoking Teeth / Poison Gas has had a tremendous impact on both the public and professional audiences. The full version plays 40 minutes with interviews of experts in the fields of mercury toxicology, environmental medicine, politics and dentistry.

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Fluoride in Tap Water

Part of a new series of "Professional Perspectives" on Fluoride. In this short video, Dr. Bill Osmunson, a general and cosmetic dentist -- explains why he is now concerned about fluoride and water fluoridation.

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How Dangerous Is Fluoride In Water?

Water fluoridation is a widespread practice in the western world - or, indeed, in most countries with an infrastructure to supply water. All public health bodies who endorse it say fluoride is important in reducing tooth decay, especially in children. But the long-term health risks have not been adequately examined; and some people even claim there are other reasons for putting fluoride in our water.