Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Health First Dental Calgary is simple–your health comes first. We are dedicated to provide ideal dental care that will not only result in a beautiful smile but will also result in excellent health.

Our treatment and practices are founded in sound, scientific evidence. Current research continues to prove the significant impact oral health has on the entire body. Seemingly benign conditions like gum disease can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and low-birth weight babies. Commonly used dental materials, which are placed in your mouth, can have a negative impact on the body’s natural
ability to maintain general health.

At Health First Dental, we recognize the important role your mouth plays in maintaining excellent health. We diagnose and treat dental diseases, including gum disease, chronic jaw bone infections (NICO), oral cancer, tempero-mandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and tooth decay. We address threats to your health from toxic materials like mercury-amalgam fillings, fluoride, and incompatible metals. Dr. Sean Freiberg draws upon the latest research and current technologies to provide a wide variety of health-centered dental care options.

Our staff is trained to share our knowledge in a way which enables you to make an informed decision regarding your oral health care. We feel it is imperative that you are involved in the decisions affecting your health.

Disclaimer: Most dentists are not of the view that mercury amalgam, fluoride, or root canals are potentially harmful to your health.