At Health First Dental we utilize digital X-rays equipment to increase our ability to diagnose oral diseases while reducing the radiation exposure to our patients by 90%. Every treatment room is equipped with a computer screen to aid us in explaining oral conditions and treatments, thus enabling our patients to make informed health care decisions.

Dental Technology

Our hygienists are trained to use microscopic bacterial evaluation to determine the effectiveness of our treatments and your home care. They incorporate ultra sonic cleaning equipment in their routine therapy and have been certified in low level laser therapy, which has drastically improved the way we fight gum disease.

We are in compliance with the new sterilization standards and have incorporated a closed water line system, which reduces the contaminants found in local water sources.

For our patients who want to relax through their dental treatment, we are equipped to safely monitor our patients who choose to have sedation We also have available the ZOOM! in-office teeth whitening system, which is an effective teeth whitening technology.

We are confident that our technology combined with our knowledge will make for a refreshing dental experience.